Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tell Me What’s Good About Tough Times: #2, Savings Because We Looked

This morning the local newspaper was published 1.5 inches smaller –with the same news. Last month, instead of it all being tossed each week, the bulletin for Sunday worship was re-organized into two parts: half to reuse for the liturgical season and half to recycle with the day’s event. And this quarter, a client’s newsletter is being produced in-house at a cost savings of over 75 cents per page.

After this, when we find economic good times once again, we’ll keep some of these savings and continue to use them for services that improve peoples lives. Many organizations in many ways are finding ways to save money because the times require it. The essence of our work doesn’t always take lots and lots of resources, but lots of creative ideas combined with the right resources. Success is trying them out and keeping the best. Where are you finding savings now—that you will continue?

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