Monday, March 28, 2011

The Barricade: Solve Your Main Income Challenge

You are driving smoothly along on the interstate. Ahead you see orange and white saw horses blocking your path. Behind them, large earth-moving equipment moves mountains of dirt. You slow down and prepare to stop.

Almost every viable nonprofit confronts a barricade in the road ahead. The barricade usually concerns income. For established organizations, the barricade is lack of money to pay for one specific need. For many, it is operating expenses or some portion of it, like staff costs. For others, their barricade equals funds for their least-donor-appealing clients. Funding for children might be relatively easy but for young adult males difficult. Is your barricade funding for one of your yearly production? Or, is it a capital need? Organizations that provide housing units barricade is money to construct or buy more units. What is your barricade?

Whatever makes up your barricade, it keeps you from achieving your mission in quantity. To make progress, you need to remove or reduce it. Do you believe the barricade can be removed or improved? How have you sought to overcome it in the past? What steps are you taking now? Have you decided to build new road or create a detour?

Our work, for the last seventeen years, has been helping nonprofits identify ways to make progress on their most pressing needs—often reducing or removing income-related barricades. We can help you to identify the key ingredients required for your success, find innovative ways to solve them (perhaps borrowing from sources beyond the nonprofit field) and move ahead. Contact us if you need help removing a barricade, barricades, building a new road or finding a detour that works.

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