Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Emotion leads to action

At today's annual Society for the Advancement of Consulting meeting, Alan Weiss repeated one of his practical aphorisms: Logic makes you think; emotion makes you act.

This underscores my scientifically proven approach to communications: first, connect with your listener's heart and establish personal relevance to the issue on which you want them to act. Then, and only then, provide the data and logic to support your issue, and your ask. Finally, don't forget to ask your listener to act, and to share in your offered solution!

This summarizes my Heart, Head & Hand (TM) approach to persuasive communications. You can download a document providing more detail at http://www.thalerpekar.com/tools.php.

Think about it: if we acted on fact alone, would you have had the same breakfast today? Might you have exercised more?

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