Friday, August 21, 2009

Self Esteem and Non Profits

Some non profit organizations are lacking in self esteem. They quietly toil away in relative obscurity, wearing the "best kept secret" moniker as a badge of honour. While it may seem crass to "blow your own horn", that's exactly what organizations need to do in order to become more effective.

Every non profit organization has to set itself apart and prove that they are the "go-to" organization in their particular area. You have to take some risks in making your organization stand out from the crowd. Communicating the mission, vision and values and focusing on the brand of the organization will let people know about the valuable work you do. The more you can consistently tell your story, through a variety of outlets, the more you will be top of mind for clients, stake holders and funders.

Don't be afraid to stake your territory on the web. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and your own website are all ways to get your message out. Make sure that everyone in the organization is following your policies on communications before they begin to "tweet" to maintain brand messaging. Register your own domain name ( so that people can find you easily when searching.

The Internet is today's equivalent of the soapbox - get on yours and shout your mission, vision and values to the world!

Laura Mikuska

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