Thursday, March 4, 2010

in celebration of International Women's Day

On March 3rd, I attended The National Council for Research on Women's panel, From Turbulence to Transformation. Christine Grumm, President and CEO of the Women's Funding Network, shared this call to action:
I saw what money does for movement building. Women have been under-capitalized. This is the point in time for the women's movement to become capitalized. ...If this is a female economy, like the Harvard Business Review said, then let's see the money!
Jacki Zehner, philanthropist and Founding Partner of Circle Financial Group, added:
The world in which we are all liberated from gender roles is a safe and healthy and better world for all.
The following day, I attended the Global Fund for Women's event, Women hold the Solutions, featuring author Nicholas Kristof. He shared a wonderful analogy illustrating the short-sighted focus on the "scalability" of nonprofit programs: "Restaurants like McDonalds are infinitely scalable." But there are many small, local restaurants that are wonderful and very much about the owner and/or chef. The event also featured activist Pinar Ilkkaracan, of Women for Women's Human Rights in Turkey. She shared the following insights:
You can't work against honor crimes; you can empower women to work against honor crimes. Feminist analysis has taught us that all inequalities are interconnected.

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  1. So glad you came to the NCRW event - Thanks for the mention! Jacki Zehner