Monday, March 8, 2010

Very Good Services and Organizations

Saturday, I stopped by the local vitamin store to buy refills of two supplements. I handed the clerk the bottles and said, “I'd like one each of these, please.”

He came back a few minutes later with new bottles. As he rang them up, he showed me one of them, “These are not very good. We have much better. “

After that opener, I expected to be offered a selection of superior products,
Instead, he took my plastic and said, “That’s $21.32. Debit or credit?”

I entered the store a satisfied customer; I left perplexed. Why would he sell something that was “not very good?”

Nonprofit take away: In any way, do we tell our donors, customers or clients that “we” or “our services” are not very good?” Or instead, do we frame lesser services, like the free class, the mini-play or the initial session as entry points? High esteem draws others and their resources to you. If you are interested in building your nonprofit’s esteem and thinking more about how you explain your services, see 12 Tickets to Healthy Nonprofit Esteem.

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