Monday, October 25, 2010

Using Good Peer Pressure

The Secret to Turning Consumers Green, a Wall Street Journal article last Monday, discussed effective methods to encourage consumer green behavior. Which hotel placard did researchers find to be the most successful to get guests to reuse their towels? The one with the most peer pressure. “Join your fellow guests in helping save the environment.” Customizing the wording created greater towel reuse, “80 percent of the guest who stayed here in Room 231 reused their towels.” Peer pressure, it turns out is the magic that entices green behavior.

Since this is the case with green behavior, can you also apply peer pressure to encourage support to your organizations? Anyone using placards in your conference room that state that the last five people who sat in the seat gave $1,000 to help bring children art? Are you using a monthly “peer pressure” chart that lets board member know how their giving stacks up compared to their fellow board members? Are you encouraging giving with your season ticket holders or members with peer pressure? On the reply card, do you state the percent of your season ticket holders that make additional donations of at least $10? How do you use good peer pressure to increase your income or other support to your organization? How might you?

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