Friday, March 30, 2012

For Lent or For Any Other Cause: Give up the Poor-Us-Nonprofit-Mentality

One of our all time great purchases was from a yard sale. It is a huge oriental rug (240 knots per square inch) that fit the living room in our new home. It cost $500 with the mat. Later, we had it appraised for $8,000. Over the 20 years we’ve owned it, we’ve paid more to insure it than it cost. Today, we’re buying a new house and the rug doesn’t fit. We visited a local rug dealer asking about a trade-in. He suggested we donate it. The dealer runs a for-profit. He wasn’t in the position to offer us a tax deduction, but you, dear nonprofit leader, can.

Before you bemoan the challenges you face because you are a nonprofit, remember the benefits that come with being who you are. Claim them, leverage them, and be strong.

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