Monday, June 14, 2010

How Does Time Management Relate To Nonprofit Strategy?

Good time management impacts not only how you do great strategy planning. It also helps you to achieve more of the strategy you select.

Good Meeting Time Management during planning sessions will help you to have the time to do the strategy thinking you need to do to be effective. Here is a tip about how to run strategy and other meetings:

72. Plan the Flow. Include a time estimate for each agenda item, i.e., “Special event opportunity -15 minutes.” During your meetings, as you approach the time limit, bring this to the group’s attention. State: “We have just spent 10 minutes on this topic. Would you like to come to a conclusion and move on in the next 5 minutes or schedule it for a future meeting?” Stated time estimates help groups move forward and balance the needs of the current topic against other agenda items.

Good Time Management and Strategy. Even the best strategies in the world are only effective if people have time to implement them. Here are two bonus tips to help you with strategy implementation.

128: Resist the Temptation to Just Do, Do, Do
like digging in the sandbox to China. Instead take time to ask: 1) Must this task be done? Does this mesh with our strategy? 2) Might someone else do it? If so, who? 3) Is it best to do the task now or to schedule it for later?

129: Set Your Intentions. Before a meeting or other event, decide two things. 1) What is the minimum you want to get done? 2) What is the maximum you to hope to achieve? Armed with these clear parameters you are in the position to benefit from your activities.

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