Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking at the Grown Up Side of You

I just received a new magazine from Disney World –not unusual for a Florida household. This one caught my eye. Along with the recognizable Disney logo on the masthead was the phrase, “the Grown-Up Side of Disney.” While I think of Disney parks as ideal for the 8-25 crowd, Disney also offers many grown-up opportunities, like culinary events, adult classes and garden festivals.

Its time to play, Non-profit What If. . .that is, take a successful concept used elsewhere. Consider how you can apply it at your nonprofit for fun, profit and mission enhancement.

Taking the Disney approach, if your organization offers children services, what is your grown-up side? Can you strengthen your children’s services with some adult services? Perhaps opportunities like parenting classes and then also, opportunities to approach donors with interests in family welfare.

On the other hand, if you offer services for seniors, what is your young adult or child side? Perhaps support for caregivers or programs for grandchildren and also, perhaps a place for donors who have interests in serving children.

Take this beyond age related ideas. If you are a very serious organization, like a disease eradication entity, consider your other side. Is it playful? Proud of your progress? And vice versa. If you are playful entity, like a children’s hands-on museum, what is your serious side?

Continue to play “Nonprofit What If” with additional pairs of opposites. Where are you missing an audience or donor because you have yet to share a hidden or less apparent side? Where do you shine below other’s radar screens?

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